ICSOC 2020 proceedings will be published in 2 separate volumes by Springer in its Lecture Notes in Computer Science series, with best papers to be recommended for publication in special issues of high-caliber international journals. Topics of interests include but are not limited to:

 Service-oriented Engineering

  • Legacy systems migration and modernization
  • Service design, specification, discovery, customization, composition, and deployment
  • Service change management
  • Service innovation
  • Theoretical foundations of Service Engineering

 Run-time Service Operations and Management

  • Service execution middleware
  • Service monitoring and adaptive management
  • Quality of service
  • Workload compliance management
  • Service governance
  • Architectures for multi-host container deployments
  • Microservices deployment and management

 Services and Data

  • Services for Big Data
  • Service for compute-intensive applications
  • Mining and analytics
  • Data-provisioning services
  • Services related linked open data
  • Automated Knowledge Graph creation

 Services on the Cloud

  • Migration to virtual infrastructures
  • XaaS (everything as a service including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS)
  • Service deployment and orchestration in the Cloud
  • Cloud service management
  • Cloud workflow management
  • Cloud brokers and coordination across multiple resource managers
  • Edge computing vs Cloud computing
  • Workload transformation

 Services in the Internet of Things

  • Embedded and real-time services
  • RFID, sensor data, and services related to the Internet of Things
  • Services for IoT platforms and applications
  • Service oriented protocols for IoT applications
  • REST APIs and services for IoT platforms and applications

 Services in Organizations, Business, and Society

  • Services science
  • Social networks and services
  • Cost and pricing of services
  • Service marketplaces and ecosystems
  • Service business models
  • Enterprise architecture and services
  • Service Chatbots

 Services at the Edge

  • Cloud and fog computing
  • Analytics and knowledge generation services
  • Edge service orchestration
  • Lightweight service deployment and management
  • Services and edge gateway architectures
  • Quality of Service (QoS) in edge services
  • Security, privacy, and trust of edge services

 Services for Softwarized Network Functions and Software Defined Networks

  • Service Network Function Management and Orchestration
  • Services for novel and emerging networking protocols
  • Named data networking
  • Network and transport mechanisms
  • Virtualized Network Functions and Services
  • Virtualized Service Function Chaining